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Employment Support Center

1556 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20007

(202) 628-2919

(703) 790-1469



Listen to Ellie Wegener, Founder and Executive Director of the Employment Support Center explain ESC's mission and services.

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Listen to a National Public Radio report by Juan Williams, interviewing Ellie Wegener at a weekly session of The Capitol Hill Career Group at The First Trinity Lutheran Church (4th & E Streets, NW at Judiciary Square, Washington, DC.)

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Listen to Ellie Wegener at a press briefing: The National Employment Law Project at The National Press Club, Washington, DC. Hear unemployment statistics from Mr. Guy Molyneux, Sr. Vice President of Peter D. Hart Research Services, Inc. and Mr. Maurice Emsellem, Policy Director of The National Employment Law Project outline their current mission.... Extend Federal Unemployment Benefits IMMEDIATELY TO UNEMPLOYED WORKERS!

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Are you a frustrated job-seeker who was recently laid off or riffed from career? Are you a recent college graduate? Or are you changing careers?

As a job-seeker, have you used the newspaper classifieds or Internet job-search engines thinking that all you need to do is to contact three or four firms which interest you and you're hired?

It is not that simple!

Do you sit home waiting for the US Mail, telephone calls or E-mail? Do you receive postcards and form letters from firms telling you that they have received your cover letter and resume and that you will be contacted in 3 to 6 weeks?

If so:

Contact The Employment Support Center serving DC/MD/VA Jobseekers!

Join The Employment Support Center Job-Strategy Networking Sessions!

Learn new techniques to thwart the negativity and gain the advantage. The Employment Support Center is geared to instruct and guide individuals through networking and one-on-one sessions to help them acquire the skills needed to quickly gain interviews, interview successfully and be offered the job!

Join a weekly career group for networking strategies. The purpose of each session is to develop job-search skills, exchange job leads and contacts, meet employers and make friends.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE BEST CANDIDATE TO GET THE JOB. BUT YOU DO NEED A PLAN! Career planning is based on market forces. Employers look for candidates who have achieved demonstrated success in multiple environments and have the ability to manage change. While you cannot guarantee the outcome of your career, you can precisely target appropriate areas and give a valid reason to be hired. The Employment Support Center will consult with members to develop a reality-based career plan to explain how you can use the Center's demonstrated techniques to get you the job you want.


Print out this form to register with the Employment Support Center. Send this registration form and your check to: Employment Support Center, 1556 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20007. For further information Telephone: (202) 628-2919 or (703) 790-1469. Fax: (703) 790-1469. Email:

Send resume and registration form to ESC today!

...... (1 Year $50.00 if unemployed or part-time)

...... (1 Year $100.00 if employed full-time)

Date:  __________________________________________

Name:  __________________________________________

Address:  _______________________________________

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State:  _____________  Zip Code:  _________________

Telephone:  (    ) ___________________-_____________

E-Mail:  ____________________@________.__________

Position Sought:



Your firm can help the unemployed and fill your own job openings. Be an Associate Member for $1,000.00 and fund services to help the chronically unemployed become job-ready.  Or as a Gold Member for $2,000.00, you will be sharing resources in community outreach.  Your sponsorship will provide for the homeless and needy who will benefit through ESC's programs and services.


As a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization ESC relies on the generosity of the public and private sectors to meet its budget.  Donations are tax-deductible.  United Way Campaign # 9127


EMPLOYMENT SUPPPORT CENTER (ESC) is located in Washington, DC in The Georgetown Lutheran Church 1556 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, just north of Wisconsin Avenue and P Street, NW. There iS street parking.  A Metro Bus to Friendship Heights (32, 36)and other bus lines (D6 etc.) which cross Wisconsin and P Streets, NW will bring you to the church (A 15 minute walk uphill by foot from M Street).  Only! Career testing and job consultations are available at $50 a session.

The Employment Support Center sponsors The Capitol Hill Career Support Group:

The Capitol Hill Career Support Group meets on Monday evenings (excluding holidays) in The First Trinity Lutheran Church, 2nd Floor Library, 4th and E Streets, NW, at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

There is limited on-street parking.  The Church is directly across from DC City Hall/One Judicary Square.  Use the Red Line Metro to Judicary Square Station and Exit for 4th & E Streets.  The evening sessions are led by a trained and certified facilitator.  Call ESC at (202) 628-2919 or telephone: (703) 790-1469 for program topic and speaker information.